The motivation of UnrealCV is making virtual worlds easier to create, use and share for computer vision researchers.

If you have an Unreal Engine project, you can compile UnrealCV into your project and share with other researchers. This is different from releasing an image/video dataset. Other researchers can use UnrealCV commands to generate image/video with rich ground truth and do perform many more tasks that are not available for a static dataset.

How to package

You can use the editor menu to package a game. Many related blog posts can be found online. Or use scripts provided in UnrealCV repository.

Submission guide

Please include the following information, and make a pull request in the model_zoo page.

Key Value
Binary name: [name]
UnrealCV version: [version]
Download link: [link]
Description: [description]

UnrealCV version: It can be a release version such as v0.3, or a git short sha version. This information is to ensure others can find the corresponding client code and documentation.

Download link: Please host binaries in your website, if you have difficulties finding a place to host content, we can help you find some free solutions.

Description: What this virtual world is about, what tasks are defined for this virtual world

An example can be found here.