UnrealCV commands

The function of UnrealCV is provided by a set of UnrealCV commands.

The command system

Unreal Engine 4 has some built-in commands to help game development. These commands can be typed into a built-in console. Using these commands, a developer can profile the game performance and view debug information. To invoke the built-in console of a game, type the ` key (the key above tab).

UnrealCV adds a set of commands useful for computer vision research. What is more, these commands can be used by an external program.

Too powerful, abstract

Command cheatsheet

This command list is growing and subject to change

Contact us to tell us what missing functions are needed for your project. We will consider adding it in the future release.

Camera operation

See Source/UnrealCV/Private/Commands/CameraHandler.h and Source/UnrealCV/Private/Commands/CameraHandler.cpp for more details.

  • vget /camera/[id]/location

    (v0.2) Get camera location [x, y, z]

  • vget /camera/[id]/rotation

    (v0.2) Get camera rotation [pitch, yaw, roll]

  • vset /camera/[id]/location [x] [y] [z]

    (v0.2) Set camera location [x, y, z]

  • vset /camera/[id]/rotation [pitch] [yaw] [roll]

    (v0.2) Set camera rotation [pitch, yaw, roll]

  • vget /camera/[id]/[viewmode]

    (v0.2) Get [viewmode] from the [id] camera, for example: vget /camera/0/depth

  • vget /camera/[id]/[viewmode] [filename]

    (v0.2) Same as the above, with an extra parameter for filename

  • vset /viewmode [viewmode]

    (v0.2) Set ViewMode to (lit, normal, depth, object_mask)

  • vget /viewmode

    (v0.2) Get current ViewMode

UnrealCV plugin commands

See Source/UnrealCV/Private/Commands/PluginHandler.h

Defined in Private/Commands/PluginHandler.cpp

  • vget /unrealcv/status

    (v0.2) Get the status of UnrealCV plugin

  • vget /unrealcv/help

    (v0.2) List all available commands and their help message

Object interaction

See Source/UnrealCV/Private/Commands/ObjectHandler.h and Source/UnrealCV/Private/Commands/ObjectHandler.cpp for more details

  • vget /objects

    (v0.2) Get the name of all objects

  • vget /object/[obj_name]/color

    (v0.2) Get the labeling color of an object (used in object instance mask)

  • vset /object/[obj_name]/color [r] [g] [b]

    (v0.2) Set the labeling color of an object

Run UE4 built-in commands

  • vrun [cmd]

    (v0.3) This is a special command used to execute Unreal Engine built-in commands. UE4 provides some built-in commands for development and debug. They are not very well documented, but very useful.

    A few examples are: stat FPS - show current frame rate shot - take a screenshot show Material - toggle the display of Material

    These commands can be executed in the UE4 console. If you want to use them in UnrealCV, you can prefix these commands with vrun stat FPS.