Usage in the Editor

In UE4 editor, you can run UnrealCV command, edit the scene and change the material properties. We show a few examples here using the scene RealisticRendering.

Run UnrealCV Command

While playing the level in the editor, press ` to open the built-in console and run UnrealCV like in the game binary.

Edit Object Specularity

Select an object, e.g. the wooden floor, you want to edit in UE4 editor, and double click the image of Element 0 at Details -> Materials tab to edit its property.

Edit SpecularWood property, e.g. increase the value to make it more specular.

The results are as follows,

Edit Object Color

Following similar steps, you can edit the color of an object.

The results are as follows,

Use UnrealCV commands in the editor

You can use UnrealCV commands the same way as in a standalone binary.


This page is contributed by the UnrealStereo project and the tool and images will be released soon.